Why we do missions

24 09 2007


There are obvious answers to this statement and then there are not so obvious answers and this short posting is to look at some of these.

The obvious is of course that it is an instruction and as a Christian you cannot follow Jesus if you do not serve His body. In Jn 21;from 15 onwards he talks about shepherding His sheep. The instruction is interesting in that it is a conditional question when He asks “do you love me” ? The condition of loving Him is to look after His body or “sheep”. We of course know tyhe Great Commission as well where He states to make disciples of all nations. 

OK, so those are the obvious, then what is the not so obvious reason we need to do missions. In considering this a number of issues have arisen in my mind. I find it amazing always to hear from teams not so much on what they experienced on a trip somewhere but what happened to them in their heart and mind.

He has a way of taking us our of our comfort zone and then growing us in His desires as we seek Him more diligently. Often it is the discomfort of that removal from comfort zone that allows Him to get our attention.

I also believe it is the sacrifice of own desires and the cost sacrifice that initiates the meeting with Him. In the Western world the biggest hold we have is our own needs which are expressed in many different ways and comes our as pride, lust and pure and simple greed for possessions. These hold us so that we cannot have a relationship with Him as that would mean that we need to trust in something?one we cannot see and have been told in certain circles that He does not even exist and if we believe that then we are weak minded.

It is interesting to note that the bible even speaks of this and warns that this would happen. The ridicule and belittling of our belief must be expected and that we would be made to feel shame and embarrassment as well as Paul warns us we will be persecuted for our faith.

Then why do it if we are to embark on something that will cause us to re look at our life and most probably ask us to give up on some of our comforts and “things”? Why get involved in Christian beliefs if we will be ridiculed and embarrassed by others?

I ask why do “they” ridicule you? If you do not understand something you would not see a value and question what is the worth. It is our pride and greed self that cannot see an immediate value for us personally that would of course question it and that is why it is so difficult because you are called to live for someone else first and value them higher than yourself before you would experience the joy of true friendship and love. This concept is too much for the world who are taught from young to strive for their just deserts! To get it in any means…be it even necessary to kill someone for it. In South Africa at the moment this is reaching chronic proportions as murder and shooting for trivial purposes (a cellphone or even nothing) is a daily occurrence.

So why do missions? Yes, because it is an instruction and because as you give of yourself you seem to get so much more back and I have met so many who are blown away by what happens to them when they have gone on a trip.

I encourage you to look for a reason to GO rather than one why you should stay.




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