The question is? So what will the answer be!

21 09 2007

question.jpgIn reading the letters of Paul to the Thessalonians this morning, I am once more reminded of our function and the warning that it will not be a bed of roses! So, what is our function and what is the worse that can happen?Both these questions have rather obvious answers yet we tend to “forget” them as they are not pertinent at this time. It would seem from Paul that our behaviour driven by faith is what people see and replicate.

He advises us to be hardworking and to see to our wn upkeep. This makes me wonder about the many people who live off the income of others and “support” the ministry of various people. Are we as Christians missing the picture? Are we all supposed to be covering our own costs by our labours rather than expect others to support us to perform our functions without the restriction of spending a large time in generation of income?

 In Acts we read how they all shared of what they had and no-one had any need. Are we to all share our possessions with the body. (I have on numerous occasions and regretted as the state of my possession was not the same as when given and at great cost to me) Are we to hold the body accountable to the state of our goods?

All great questions yet even as I ask them i can see the dissension that can erupt and would like to recommend that if it would be a concern then don’t do it! If it is a challenge to you to offer some of your income to someone in need then don’t do it! If you value your caravan/trailer/sleeping bag or whatever then don’t offer it to anyone. Do not allow your heart to be turned from the body by the pride of your property. I trust you did notice the word “pride” put in there:)

Thessalonians says we are going to be persecuted and that happens in different ways. When the Irish (after St Patrick) were inspired to take the word to the neighbors, the Scots, this barbaric tribe saw this as an invasion and killed them off. The persistence and new strategy of erecting monasteries enabled them to speak into the lives of the Scots (Picts actually) and bring the saving grace of God to this nation.  When the Germans in the Moravian movement went out they were killed for their belief and we will not even discuss all the martyrs like Haran Popolov and many more lost in the mist of time.

So, what have we said and why have I felt we need say this today?

I believe we need a strong and strident trumpet call to our very souls as we are dilly dallying with the things of God and one day at judgement we will be found wanting. I dread that and hate the thought that so many great folk will be told you were lukewarm and I do not know you and therefore you will have part of the fire for eternity.  

We have been captured by lies and are so busy dealing with all these lies and side issues we have forgotten the most important…the previous discussion included is drivel if you do not have love and are not driven by love for your fellow brother/sister.The acid test is not what you think or if you have made your possessions your idols, but how do you think of your brothers…then ,and only then, will these questions be answered automatically in your heart and a rational discussion would not even be necessary as you would know what you are to do!     

May you be blessed with peace and joy as you search His desires for you.




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