PLaying the game…Rugby and Cricket

18 09 2007

snhvdcaxe128scai218ysca7zlcirca9fiyimcabnuhbdcac99anicarookv0ca2re9xkca531roqca6e1hpocada23apcaj060eycahq3r2gcaeerc77carrlgfjcahskzabca7nndf1ca8uujzqcac810dc.jpgSouth Africa has powered beyond the English side in both Cricket (twenty 20 version) and in rugby at France with a winning scoreline of 36-0. My comment is not on the game but on another aspect which is becoming a talking point although a soft rumble at present!The aspect of consistent Poor refereeing against specific teams. On analysing some games it is obvious the referee has a major impact on the game! A good example is the SA and English game against Samoa. It became obviopus that the refree tends to allow certain infractions (offsides and forward passes as well as smothering of the ball and coming in from the side of the scrum) to allow and more so from one team than ther other.

The disciplinary action takern against Schalk Burger for a “dangerous” tackle is understandable but in the same game one can observe a blatant fist shot at a Springbok player and of course the now well known suicidal tackle done by Brian Lima on Andre Pretorius.  

Brian Lima was seriously concussed and it waqs deemed that he would be out of the World Cup. I wonder if this was not so if any action would have been taken against him as it woulod appear not if one notes all the small niggling things which are just too minor to note yet have a long term effect on the game and especially if unattended to! The fact that a player must yell “holding” before e referee takes action for what …even on TV, was oblvious is not a good reflection of the authority of those in charge.

Sometimes we are also like that in in the game of life I believe a number of fouls have not been called against us and we believe we may have gotten away with it and no one notices and by next weeks game it is forgotten anyhow. You know, that is not how it works and as it is all recorded we will one day be called for how we ref’d our game and the level of honesty towards ourselves and towards other splaying against us.

 I hope you are not red carded as the Word says you are to love one another like you love yourself.

 Have a good game!




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