14 09 2007

erf1ycay22f4nca12gw42cad4wmvgcaqfh8c1caxhse4qcaunhoh2capuur76ca7zaw2kcakju7kocas4yq2vcawofvydcajmmvu3cajsl62pcaejvlrvcan9di40cayqztldca1u071vcawdc8d5ca7nebvd.jpgI refer to a comment by “Vjack” who placed a comment made by another individual on my blog. I have visited the blog, “Atheist Revolution” which is hosted by Vjack and would like to make some comments myself. Firstly, let me admit I found the graphic on this posting hilarious and trust it is seen in that way only!Vjack has a comment policy and edits all comments and for good reasons. What confuses me is all the reasons mentioned should be adhered to as he acts in an opposite fashion on other blogs as could be seen by the comment on this blog.

I agree with him that a blog is not there to elicit arguments and that is definitely not the intention here, but to explore thoughts of like-minded thinkers (that is Christian believers). As this is obviously a Christian blog we could not be like-minded thinkers and the statement that we believe in someone who has never existed and who therefore, cannot come back is interesting. What is made worse is that after 2000 years it would be impossible! According to Vjack. That very statement shows the hypocrissy involved. I have no problem that there is not a belief in the existence of Jesus (contrary to the historical fact that there is more proof than the existence of Julius Caesar!) and therefore cannot understand the concern that I believe in a dead person…then and for three days only as seen by numerous witnesses and who would one day come back.

What is the concern for my belief system except to debunk it!

I would suggest that I, and those like me, be left to continue on in our blissful way rather than develop a whole blog with the purpose of negating our belief. The thought that it is Christians who are devastating our planet because we have nothing to live for, as we will not be here because of the imminent  arrival of Jesus is quite amusing. The Bible states that we will not know the hour, so who is claiming that He is about to come back and if He has never existed why the concern.

Basically what I am saying is I will and have honoured the policy of not commenting on other blogs and I hope this short piece simply allows some thought within my own circle as the intention is definitely not to elicit major debates because I am quite aware that we have views and that will remain. All I am saying is try to be a little more aquerate on the facts rather than speak from only an emotional viewpoint tainted by a belief system (yes, Atheists do have a belief sytem…strange I know!)

Yet, that being said you still have the right to your view as long as it does not insult or lead to hate speech or contain swear words your views will be valued.

You may notice that I write a number of postings on Atheism. The reason is that I have some Atheist friends I am in discussion with and respect them as they respect my views. Now that is the purpose of this blog. To discover truths by means of challenging thoughts in a respectful and loving fashion.




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14 09 2007

Greetings dear soul, I have no particular comment on what was written here, I do believe in “each to his own” and know in my heart that the soul intends no harm to another soul, its just us darn physical beings who have to always the rock the boat for all. I invite you to take a peek at one such as myself, who some would lable atheist….do I seem evil? Am I a non believer? I thing not! Brightest blessings

17 09 2007

Hi Summerswitch and thank you for your comment. I agree to the “to each his own” philosophy as I am aware I am unable to force anyone to agree to my view. That is asll it is, a view that I …and I repeat …I strongly believe in.

What actually bothered me was that this is an obviously Christian site and a known Atheist chooses to comment while restricting his site to any comments. The hypocrissy is what concerned me although having read the site I can see why as there asre so many untruths and assumptions made up as statements that it would be difficult to discuss anything on a rational basis.

I do not believe there is an entity as an Atheist as we all believ e in something, be it money, nature or set of belief systems which at times can be quite obscure but we all believe something. An Atheist is someone who believes in something but not in God. The God I speak of is as in the Christian bible and therefore it is not a no belief system but an anto belief system.
To me that is sad but also a choice we all make.

13 10 2007
Kevin Parry

I am an atheist myself and I agree with you: atheists spend too much time trying to debunk religion instead of building up their own worldview. My own aim is to focus on what I am (ie, and atheist), rather than on what I’m not (ie, not a Christian).

All the best

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