Are gays “born” that way?

14 09 2007

Gay LifestyleIn speaking with some gays I have often heard the reasoning that they were “born” this way because from the earliest memory they always felt they were different. This statement has interested me because of a few conclusions that must be made and I would like to look at this!

Firstly and obviously if they were born with desires and instincts contrary to what the body indicates then there is a fault in the design as everything ( and everyone!) has been designed for a purpose. The design is at fault and that is sayiong that God is therefore at fault. I have seen many questionable people but have never seen His design at fault. The human body is incredible and how different parts all play a role in completing the whole still amazes me.

The second consideration is that we all have potential to be gay as that capacity is within us. As is the capacity to rape, murder abuse steal and all other vices as we have been born in a sinful nature and have the ability to perform all these evils if we chose to!

We are born liars, adulterers and murderers but through choice and upbringing we have a strong moral compass which prevents most of us from performing these actions which are within our capability.

If this is so then it becomes obvious to me that it is not that we are born this way but that we have made choices that led us to believe it is so.

In walking a path with a Gay man he was adamant that he has always been this way. In searching his life he was shocked to find that the reason he has a non existent relationship with his father was due to a traumatic event early in life and his choice that he never wants to be like his father. This choice has made him believe he was “born” to be gay. In this realilisation he could find healing and now is enjoying a healthy and at last happy lifestyle…in fact is involved with a beautiful woman and is soon to make an announcement:)

I encourage you to rather than simply say the writer is an idiot to sit for a moment and queitly consider your life and the state of joy being experienced…or the lack thereof. Then ask the designer to speak to you in your heart and be willing to listen as He does still speak! You have been magnificentlky designed and there is nothing wrong with your body or it’s design. the concern is what you have allowed into your heart through the experiences you have had from us faulty people and those closest to you.

Is the church bad or the people in the church? Some are, as they are dealing with there own issues and hurts, but I can assure you you will find some great people desiring to help you in your quest for healthy relationship with the body and with Him. Go for it!   





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17 09 2007


It IS all about choices!!

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