13 09 2007

family.jpgYes this is a strong heading and after considering numerous threats and dangers I have come to the conclusion that there is no stronger threat than the decay of the family structure. How can that be a threat you may say. Let me elaborate!

As I have sat with many young men in deep pain and following lifestyle which are destructive it eventually surfaces that they have no relationship with one or both of their parents and also do not have healthy relationships with siblings.  The need to be loved drives the individual to practices which are not healthy like a gay lifestyle or excessive use of stimulants in the form of drugs or drink.

We as a society thrist for loving and genuine relationships but as we seek we tend to be manipulative and attract the type of person who is needy in themselves. After a few rounds of hurts we conclude that is what the world is like but the good news is that it is not like that. It is that that is what you are “looking” for and that is what you find!

It is uncool to admit that you may be “needy” and the last thing you want to do is be seen going to church! Strangely enough that would most probably be the best solution as you meet different people with different mindsets and I challenge you that it may be more surprisingly enjoyable than you imagine.

I ask one thing only! Do not judge church by some of the people you may meet as you will find some hypercrites (the word means “pretenders” in Greek) and that means that they are not Christians or followers of the belief system but pretenders towards that belief system.   On the other hand you will find some incredible folk who you will absolutely fall in love with. You may even find they enjoy life as mush as you and in fact it may be even more exciting than yours! How many of your friend have travelled and spent time in personal homes in USA, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia and many other fascinating destinations! 

Look for a family and those of you (70 




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