How many ways to die

4 09 2007


It is surprisingly easy to end ones life! In reading through history you find extravagant and unusual ways. Dueling in the 1800’s and being roped to the mast of a ship are some of the more unusual methods of meeting ones death. I am reminded of losing ones life due to a runaway horse or a gunfight in the old west! How do we lose our life in the 21st century?

Steve Irwin (of the “Crickey, it’s a whopper” fame) lost his life last year by being stung in the heart by a poisonous barb of a Stingray. This was definitely not normal!In reading the newspapers today the maximum deaths are mostly classified as unnatural (unless you count Aids/HIV as natural). In reading one Gauteng newspaper today I find eight references to violent deaths caused by someone else (murder) and not counting road accidents!

Violence seems to have become a way of life for the average South African. If we don’t agree with it we use violence to make our point. The Service Delivery at municipal levels have brought about mass protests and violence. Yesterday a young man lost his life when a bakery van smashed into him while trying to get away from the maurauding, violent crowd! Gift Leremi, the talented young soccer star of Mamelodi Sundowns lost control of his car and smashed over a barrier, dying instantly.   

Simply sleeping or having a braai (barbeque) at your home has become a dangerous occupation. To stop at your gate while enterring your property has been a major cause of death due to hi-jack attempts.

Life has become cheap!

The rising instances of rape cause a slow and agonising wait for death due to contracting the HIV/Aids virus most rapists seem to have.  I suppose the question should rather not be how to die, but rather, how to live! We shall all die one day…that is inevitable and the question should be what happens at that stage!

A Russian scientist visiting US said, “either there is a God or there isn’t. Both possibilities are frightening”.

To live today for Him, so that when death comes irrespective of the answer, you can transition seems to me to be the answer. Be aware of your surroundings and add value to those in your life by love and care and your life will be one worth living. In discussions with some of my atheist friends they were amazed at my claim that atheism and evolution in definition are also religions! It is just a different one to that that I believe in. I choose to look at light rather than dark. The same as rather than look at how to die I want to look at how to live!

May you be blessed in your striving to Live. Oh yes, the picture above really does not exist unless you believe it does:)




One response

25 09 2007

Wonderfully illustrative and enlightening blog- great reading for the mind and soul.

You are indeed blessed to be able to weave your words so to reach millions of hearts….sincerest gratitude for showing us the light.

God Bless (yes, there is one) and Good Luck in all your endevours.

Deepanjolie Sonya Figg

(freelance writer)

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