Are we experiencing moral meltdown?

3 09 2007

ethics.jpgNot so long ago it was unthinkable to have certain types of discussions in mixed company and even in same sex company certain topics were taboo. To even consider that your leaders may be unsavoury was reason enough to bay for blood! The concept of good and evil has moved way beyond black hats for the evil guys and white hats for the good guys. Acceptable behaviour is making sure you do not get caught.

We live in a society that not only looks the other way but even supports people who have been implicated in ethical behaviour whihc is deplorable.  Glen Agliotti, known ganster and murderer it would seem is personla friends with the Police Chief of Gauteng and the Vice President of South Africa has been caught in self enrichment yet has a following that has grown because of the harrassment of officialdom.

Drug dealers operate in our suburbs and rapists are known to neighbors for years before they are caught. It amazes me that as these incidents are investigated that it shows it was known to many in the suburb but noithing was said or done. I see people who daily buy the latest illegally copied DVD’s at the roadside.

Who is at fault? The buyer or the seller? Please don’t think of using the argument it is because we are ripped of by exuberant prices…. What solution are you offering by buying the article. It is called greed! It has nothing to do about righteousness.  These small area sgrow into a generally acceptable behaviour and as one area slips the next is soon to slip as well.

I am afraid it is not a debate anymore but a fact that our morals as a society have lapsed into greed and pride. I do not see officials caring for those who put them in power. I look at our driving habits. Who in Gauteng actually slows at an orange light intending to stop at the red? Yes, you are right!

We have a drunk chief justice with alcohol content 4 times the legal limit still claiming that he only drank tea! If that is the highest echelons of justice then we are in trouble! (see the court case in Pretoria ref; the Star newspaper)

We all know the evils and I call on each one to look at yourself and start a change for the better by just doing what you know is right …irrespective! 

I call on you to not only enter into discussion but actually stop at an orange light and stand for moral and ethic values and in so doing help change our fantastic country.





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4 09 2007

Have you seen the Heartlines packages? One free for every church to try to provoke a discussion on moral values that will not end with discussion, but encourage people to live the moral values.

4 09 2007

Steve, no I have not and would love a reference for it! Read the rest of this blog and you will see our attempts to create a discussion and change of attitude and behaviour. Your suggestions would also be more than welcomed.

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