Do you want fun at Medunsa?

27 08 2007

medunsa.jpgMedunsa (Medical University of South Africa) is the training ground for all medical practices with over 2000 students! Medunsa is situated in the old homeland area of Ga Rankuwa and is therefore rather plonked in the middle of nowhere so all the students are starved for something to do!

We have started a group with the prime purpose of having some fun.volleyball.jpg

 OK, so who is the we and what is the “fun”!

The we is just a normal group from the All Nations Family  (check the rest of this blog for further background) and the fun is to debunk the belief that Christians are retarded individuals who block out any idea of fun!

We have had our first get together on Friday and it happened on the volleyball court. We were honoured to have the local team join us …and subsequently got whipped:) … soundly! We then had a round robin tournament with teams interspersed with our girls on a handicap system! I was the referee having been taught a lesson on the court:)

It was great fun and the vote is that we do this a few times more!

We also have games meetings which include 30 seconds and Uno,  which is the firm favourite! Unfortunately the size of the group is such that it is not practical to play with so many players. All these activities and just getting to know each other is interspersed with some serious discussion s on various topics.

If you are in the Pretoria area and would like to join us on these fun excursions irrespective if you are a Christian or not please contact me through the comment section.   




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