The attraction of sin

14 08 2007


We read in the bible that as David was on his roof he looked down and noticed a young lady preparing for her bath. He did not avert his eyes and in fact went down and enterred into adultery with her.

In fear that he will be caught out and have to pay for this indiscretion he sends the husband to war and to be in the front line with a certainty of death. So he compounds adultery with murder. What strikes me is that he had a number of other wives and concubines so it was not that he was not getting any sex as that seems to be the reason all this happened!

David, it seems, suffered from the same problem as the rest of us. It is called greed. Greed is not only for possessions but for anything that you desire. Greed is a product of pride. Be it power or esteem or cars, houses and other trivial things like ipods and the latest gadgets!

If that is so, then what is the difference between David and us…David, the one whom God loves!   

I believe the difference is that he poured out his heart and humbled himself, which is the opposite of pride! He was distraught and begged the forgiveness of God trusting in God that He would deal with his untrustworthy heart which he acknowledged he had. In 1 Chron 21 we read that God did deal with it where Gad (the messenger from God and this is not a typo) gave David a choice between three punishments and he cose to fall into the hnads of God rather than man becuase god was at least merciful! That says a lot about our attitudes! Well, God does show mercy although he punishes and stps at the threshing floor where David builds an altar to Him.

What do we learn from this? Even when falling into sin, if we have a contrite heart and a definite humbling of spirit and acknowledge God then He will forgive us. I look at our world today and the thing that strikes me is this spirit of contriteness and humbling. We would rather use “spin” to justify our attraction to sin than to acknowledge the sin and hence it cannot be dealt with. We heap more and more on then blame God and say that he cannot be a God of love and mercy !




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