Do you live life to the full?

3 08 2007


It is strange how many restrictions there are to our living our life with the foot full down on the pedal.  We would like to, I know and often we do a short bursts but how many of us do and what are the restrictions

From birth we are indoctrinated into certain thought patterns concerning what is good, bad or just acceptable and those patterns guide the rest of our life!  It is in the same way as we hold our religous beliefs until someone tells us the truth and our very soul agrees with it that we can make a better judgment. Often that judgment is clouded by our search for something. I think of the Hippie era where everyone was searching for a deeper meaning than the war in Vietnam and they were simply tired of lies and deception. Cat Stevens originally comes from a Jewish background and converted to Christianity after which he joined the Islam faith where he still is.This “searching” allowed him to break fromthe pattern laid down over his upbringing. In this period it was easier to break the pattern as it was a time of non conformity and rebellion assisted by the use of drugs.

To live life to the full you must not have a fear of loosing your life!

To not have a fear of loosing your life means you must know what happens after death…or simply not care which actually speaks of utter desperation and in that instance you cannot enjoy living life to the full anyhow!

I suggest you do as they used to do…go sit somewhere without any disturbance and simply consider all you know about life and the end of it. Get to know the assurance of what happens afterward. Once that is dealt with you will start to live life with a new view and excitement.

Looking forward to meeting you on that exciting path of life.    




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