Kaka Vs Pele Vs Banks

2 08 2007


I heard an interesting chat the other day. Some friends were arguing over who the best soccer player was. In South Africa we have just had an international match where Pele and Samuel E’to played amongst others. Another name mentioned was that of Maradonna.

The discussion interested me because of the different time eras. How can one compare an incredicbly skilled player like Kaka who has the advances of technology and diet to help him I recall the best goalkeeper ever…Gordon Banks. Compared to some of the goalies today he would look average I suppose but the ball was different (real leather) and the style was different yet his acrobatics at pulling off some incredible saves are remembered till today. Who could ever forget the incredible save against Pele in the World Cup. “But Banks will be best remembered for effecting the ‘Save of the Century’. In the 1970 World Cup, he misread a Jairzinho cross from the right flank. Pele leapt and headed the ball onto the ground and towards the left post. Just then Banks, who was initially moving towards the right, changed direction in a flash, dived full length and tipped the ball over the post. ”

George Best is another amazing player, but can he be put alongside todays greats?

What about Ronaldinho, Lampard and others.

To compare players to me is a useless exercise as they play in different positions with different teams requiring different approaches as well as having an off season or being on fire!

Simply enjoy the play being delivered!   





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