Are you keeping Jesus in His tomb?

1 08 2007


I find it strange how we live a life oblivious to the eternal judgment which will come irrespective if we beleive it or not. We live a life as though there are no restrictions and we give it fancy names.When we care about someone it is humanistic and while Jesus is mentioned in our parliament it is made sure that all the other religions are also mentioned even though we have a system of representation. In other words, as white South Africans are only 5% of the total population they may only be represented up to 5% in employment and in all areas they are active. We have speaking times in our municipal meetings where parties representatives may only speak to the amount of minutes they are allotted according to the representation of the party.

If this is consistent then why all the refrences to ther religions where Christianity is seen as 80% of the population except if it is not politically correct.

I therefore would like to quote the Word where it is said that as we are embarrassed and do not acknowledge Him to the same extent we will not be acknowledged before His throne one day.

Now I was asked how can I be so tough because He is a loving God and all this doom and gloom does not come from Him. I’m afraid it does. We choose to ignore it because it reflects on our sinful choices.

One day He will sit on His throne and judge because He is a righteous judge and will not allow sin into His presence. I ask you to consider what you do and allow Him to deal with your heart in how we acknowledge Him in public or not. He is not in a tomb but on a throne.   




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