Jesus loves you

24 07 2007


Why would someone allow himself to be humiliated, severely injured and then killed without defending himself from obvious lies?

This has always fascinated me and I must admit I have never come to a full conclusion because I most probably see it out of our eyes.

I have recently been to a talk where Jesus was being discussed and it amazed me how simply it was discussed which allowed me to recognize what “church” and our method of evangelization has done to people we are supposed to love “with the love of the Lord”.

Instead we love with all sorts of conditions and expectations. We love because you look like the view we have of what a Christian should look like and that is pious with clasped hands and kneeling. Amazing though is that if you did a study of the bible you would find that the picture we have of a good Christian with eyes closed and clasped hands is not at all how they prayed in the time of Jesus.

Our views of Christ have been manufactured through our cultural requirements.

I simply wanted to say that whoever you are and wherever you are that there is one thing we could not change or influence and that is the love of Jesus for you. The Good News is that that love is still as much in evidence today as it was over 2000 years ago! He desires to love you so call on Him and allow it.




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