A welcome to all my Brothers in Christ

24 07 2007


As I read some inputs from the Christian world I am amazed at all the “flavours” of Christianity. Yet with all our distinct differences and the ways we worship all true believers have one thing in common!We tend to easily recognize what differences we have in the ways we worship and in fact I have met some people who are rather adamant that their way is the true and only way! What can I say about that?

What attracts me though is what binds us together and that is simply the act of love to one another. I have seen simple folk standing in a queue (at a goverment agency and we know what that means) watching a small boy down the hall trying to get into a door with the handle which was too high for him to reach and giving up there place in the row to walk down and open the door for him! Only to have him race out a few seconds later and have the door opener walk to the back of the row! That is day to day sacrificial living which is much more than any sermon one can give.

The Catholics tend to genuflect quite often while the Charismatics throw their hands in the air and can you guess which group continually blurt out, “Praise the Lord” at the slightest provocation:) and then theer are those that give you the feeling you can never make it!

Whatever the group and however you worship, I want to bless you and encourage you to assist with changing the world, not by suicidal bombs or arguing or writing letters to politicians but simply by extending love to those closest to you…and I do not mean your family but physically!

Be brave enough to love those who are unlovable and have the courage to expose your heart to whoever is closest to you, irrespective of your knowledge of who the person is I invite you to pro-actively look for a way you can simply love on them.

Be it a kind word or action or simply being considerate and letting them walk through the door first! Love them and start a revolution of love.

In fact I challenge you to oudo yourself in the love stakes and search for opportunities to love by actions…not only words as they have become cheap but the holding back of some words still have value and rather than express what you believe may be appropriate rather let the words be an encouragement and uplifting.

May you have a week filled with love and care irrespective of circumstances. 




2 responses

24 07 2007

Like Paul wrote, love is the greatest, the better way. Thanks for this post – makes me feel a whole lot better to see there’s some people willing to allow for our differences. God bless you!

25 07 2007
Steve Hayes

I dig that.

I Dugg it too.

And then out of curiosity I had a look to see what Digg category it was in.

Offbeat News.

Yup, that’s the kind of world we live in. Love and acts of kindness are truly offbeat news in the world of today, and the world of the past too. That’s why they forced Jesus out of the world and on to the cross.

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