I wish I had more to say!

20 07 2007

nothing.jpgAs I sit here after my second cup of coffee I discover I have nothing to say! So I will say it anyhow.Having nothing to say is quite releasing. It means I can say anything and really not be concerned on the views expressed as it is irrelevant anyhow. If it is irrelevant then it actually has no topic or what would you call a discussion about a non-discussion?

The only relevant thing coming to mind is my stance on Christianity and readers of this blog should know what that is by now although I have had a number of Atheist friends discuss alternate views as well. Have I accidentally just said something and does that mean that the topic should be “Christian” views?

This would be very popular and especially if sport was involved in some way as the most visited posts are those carrying the soccer hero’s name, Kaka of Brazil but of course playing in Europe. These posts by far had the most hits and attests to his popularity. I recently read a post stating that Kaka has in fact accepted Islam as his religion but it was obvious it was nonsense when reading the article which had no bearing to Kaka.

It was just someone with nothing to say and saying it…get the gist:)

Well, I have said enough nothing but to wish you all a great weekend and feel free to comment…just check the language befcause it takes time to edit out all the #$%#^**@^ words and still try and make sense:)




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