What to do when falling into sin

18 07 2007

sin.jpgIt has been said that when we fall into sin, it is not only the breaking of god’s law, but the breaking of His heart! How do we deal with sin?Firstly beware of passing it off as something insignificant or small. Years ago a youth leader made some sandwiches and was telling us about sin. He said it was like faeces (human excrement). And as we sat eating the sandwich he told us he put a little faeces in the sandwiches but don’t worry it was only a little bit!

The reaction was predictable. All started spitting it out and retching. Even a little bit is not good and that was the lesson he was trying to make! (There was no faeces in the sandwiches!Thank goodness!)

The world tries to diminish sin but to God it is still sin and He is a righteous judge.

We then need to confess our sin immediately. Cry out to Him as David did (Ps51;1-2). If the sin has affected or involved others we are then to ask forgiveness and try to rectify whatever caused the grievance.

After this is done then we must determine not to commit the sin again and request the Lord to help you to be like Paul and to “stand” against all temptations.


1 Jn1;9, James 4;6-10




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