Dealing with failure

18 07 2007

failure.jpgWhen Millais first exhibited his Ophelia in 1852 one critic dubbed it “O’failure”. These harsh and critical words stung him for the rest of his life. The success of Ophelia did not remove the pain of the first criticism. When Joseph rushed to visit his brothers and shared the news of his dream he was unceremoniously dumped into a pit and fortunately was not killed but sold into slavery. For many I suppose that would be seen as failure.

When overtaken by apparent failure I recommend you sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and take a pad and write down what you think the failure was and how it came about. Also factor in that God often uses failure to remove “US” from a situation so that Her can deal with it. We often strive to accomplish something so hard that we don’t see Jesus in it.

Consider the reasons as poor timing or not considering the pro’s and cons of the situation and when that is done…consider doing it again with prayer to God for assistance.

The old song, “pick yourself up and dust yourself off” has relevance here. I recall an old T shirt with the picture of a large runner bent over in exhaustion with the words, “I gave up!” under it. In the bottom corner was the picture of a distant figure hardly recognisable running over the finishing line with the minute words, “I didn’t” beneath it. Says it all! See Phill 3;14




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