How to change your life in 30 days!

16 07 2007

What a preposterous claim, you may say! I challenge you to read this series over the next 30 days and will guarantee if you follow the advice your life will be changed for the better.Americans are known for the strange things they observe. In a heart clinic it was noted that all the seats had excessive wear and tear on the seats which were worn out in the front. On observation they noted most of their patients sat on the edge of the seat. On further investigation a number of factors came to light. Most of the patients had stressful jobs and even the relaxation method of choice was of an extreme sport and stressful like bungee jumping and para-gliding.

Even the eating style was gulp and large size portion hastily eaten.

The tragedy was that the average life expectancy was 15 years less than the average American. Fascinating facts and the question was how to correct it. After a number of unsuccessful attempts with a test group it was found that the reason for this driven lifestyle which was destructive was that they wanted to “mean” something and “left a heritage” after they die.

Looking at Jesus who has left an enormous heritage it soon becomes obvious the method of striving is at fault.

Psalm 46;10 says, “be still and know that I am God”.

Consider why we strive and find it important to be something or someone. Could it be because we want to “take the place of God?”

I suggest you consider what you are striving for and more importantly, why! Once you determine the why you will see the obvious.

1 Peter 5;7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”.

Ask yourself if you should be spending some time with God and listening to Him? The peace and love spoken of in the Bible will envelop and comfort you allowing you to restore the balance you need ig life.




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