How to be better than you are

13 07 2007

This is an area that many people have considered for centuries and sadly we often fail. What is it that enables us to become better people. It is actually quite simple!To be a better person the key is to first stop trying to be better. Rather consider the other person because as soon as we start to live for someone else we become what we are created for.

The same way Jesus lived and died for us. Now I am not suggesting one go to that length but consider your hero’s. The Fireman of NY who risked life and limb by trying to save those injured by the Twin Towers disaster.

Why do the Readers Digest stories so elevate one. It is about every day people loving enough to consider others before themselves.

Live today for someone else and forget all your “rights” and what you may “deserve” or have “earned” and simply give of your self for one day and experience the difference.




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