church without walls

13 07 2007


I simply cannot resist giving you some feedback from the Africa Wheels of Hope which is a mobile “church” operating in city center Pretoria among the poor and destitute. This is a report from our group in Nairobi.Father John came to Nairobi for a conference

He saw our unit and driven by curiosity, came to enquire what on earth we were offering the people at this odd hour of day! “Our unit is a church without walls” I said to him, that we also operate when most churches are closed, we are there especially for those people who do not attend church.

Someone out there needs prayer, counselling or encouragement, we are here for those people. I could not let him go without the challenging statement of Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3:3 “Unless you are born again, YOU CANNOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD” He explained how he deals with 5 issues in his career, “Rituals and Liturgies, Practices and Procedures as he waits for this Salary! He promised to visit us when he comes to Nairobi again.

What impresses me is that just by being willing and offering love with no strings things like this just happen.




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