Fallacy of Marriage III

5 07 2007


After the last two sections covering marriage in general and what is marriage supposed to be we get to the “why” of marriage.

In Gen 2;18 the bible refers to the need for companionship.

In fact it is more than simply companionship but the need to be wanted and desired by someone in all the spheres, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. He has created us to desire this and that is why we desire after something more than who we are and that emotion is translated into desire after a partner as well.

The fruit of your love for one another is children, which is a blessing in itself. I have three children and I cannot imagine my life without them. The children bring about an activity and that takes most of our time as we grow up with them. When they leave the home eventually, if you have not been working on your relationship we suddenly find we are with someone we don’t know and might not even like. What then?

Well, it is like stones in a river. As they roll the river shapes them to be most suitable for that environment. Round and smooth which does not offer resistance to the tugging stream and allows them to survive the powerful current. If you have not been in the stream allowing the current to smooth your relationship the tugging of the stream may become too much!

Here is your challenge to ensure a sure marriage;

  • Remember to serve rather than demand from your spouse
  • Express appreciation for the little things done on a regular basis and as often as possible.
  • Tell your spouse of your feelings. Mind readers are only a figment of our imagination. It is good to tell your partner of your love.
  • Always be civil and polite in public. That way you will always honour your partner. That does not mean that you cannot discuss issues in the privacy of your home. Eph 5:33 and 1Pet 3:7
  • Find ways to spend time together and create memories together
  • Of course no list will be complete without the admonition to LISTEN to one another. Not with the view of overcoming or arguing your view but simply hear what is on her/his heart.
  • With the abovementioned is the lie that must be avoided which would indicate that men are so different that they may not appreciate simply to listen. Men also would like to listen but they have an inate desire to respond as well. This comes from centuries of programming that they are to be the solution provider. Remember that and allow then these little foiblesJ



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