Most amazing coincidence…can this be

4 07 2007


I have just been contacted by a fine gentleman from the US by the name of Tim Bishop who has responded to the blog of “Triumph over tragedy”. Besides pointing out my spelling mistake:) he informs me he is the son of the lady I wrote about. Her name is Marge Bishopp and it was Marjorie Westcott when the story actually started to unfold.

Even more fascinating is that she actually lives in South Africa! I attach some remarks from Tim and promise to have a further follow up when full details come to hand. To think I received a faded and torn pamphlet from someone cleaning his garage which touched me so I wrote a short blog about it as inspiration and I now find the people are actually still alive and more than that, she even lives in my home country.

“This is amazing. It is a pity that the pamphlet was torn and damaged and that you were not able to get my mom’s full testimony, but I can help with that (I will explain later). First of all I would like to give you a quick update of my mom. I noticed that you did not include her name, perhaps that was due to the condition of the pamphlet. At the time of the plane crash in 1963 my mom’s name was Marjorie Wescott. After years of recovery and healing which included her giving her life to Christ she was invited by some friends to fly to South Africa to observe their missionary work. If I remember correctly, in 1970 my mom flew to South Africa and returned to the USA in the same year. In 1971 she returned to South Africa to become a full-time missionary. She met and married my dad and her name change to Marge Bishop (Marge being a shorting of Marjorie) and she has been in South Africa ever since. She has spent many, many years doing missionary work and working with children. “




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