Is new technology indeed an “upgrade”?

3 07 2007


I have recently upgraded my connection to a Vodafone 3G connection through my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop. Why I use the word upgrade is beyond me as it is definitely not an “upgrade”. I have had to call the support center on two occasions for silly faults which come embedded with these upgrades. While subscribing we were also informed the Vodacom advert indicating monthly costs were not exactly correct as you must also have insurance over two years for the technical equipment (Vodaphone connector) which will cost you over R2000 if damaged, lost or stolen.

I fail to see the improvement as it feels like being robbed as you have no choice but continue to be fleeced! What are your experiences or is it only me that finds such business ethics distasteful.




One response

4 07 2007
Nico Liebenberg

Danny, what a true post this is. I had a similar experience, just three times more worse with my Vodacom 3G USB modem. At first the software on the modem could not be installed. I spend nearly four hours on the phone with consultants that helped me install, remove, install, remove, try this, try that…ad infinitum, until I finally (after a week) went to a vodacom shop te get help from them. Since I am a professional person it cost me in the region of R 850 per hour to do this menial task because of poor quality and service. At the first Vodacom shop in Menlyn (after waiting in a too long qeue) I was eventually send around to another vodacom shop where the guy ‘tested’ the modem and found nothing wrong. He said the software on the modem is at fault and after I had to go to another PC shop to buy a empty CD he copied the new software on the CD. I eventually got it installed. It worked for about three weeks when the modem broke. I took it back again to the Vodacom shop in Menlyn and went through the same routine (wait in long qeue, being send to the other vodacom shop, the guy tested it, found it at fault and send me back to the other vodacom shop). Boy, what a frustration!! Back at the other vodacom shop they signed my modem in for 48 hours and send it away to be ‘repaired’. I was furious. “No, we don’t give you another modem to use while we fix your modem” was their blunt reply. I had to wait two days for them to ‘fix’ my modem. They didn’t even send me a message to tell me my modem was ready after the two days. I had to enquire from them whether it was fixed. You can just imagine the frustration not to have internet access for two days! I had to go in again (at R 850 an hour loss) to pick up my modem. Vodacom and the likes are surely not interested at all to assist a ‘small customer’ like myself. I am (to them) just one of the millions they serve. What arrogance!

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