Recruitment – a new start

20 06 2007

RecruitmentWell it has at last happened. After managing a large recruitment company operating specifically in the IT industry I have eventually gone on my own and am initiating “Abanthu Management Solutions”.

The name Abanthu means “people” in Xhosa, Zulu, Chitwe and Ndebele. We are very much about the people in the business. I hear you giggling and saying, “hey knucklehead, without the people there is no business”! That is the point. We use these cliched words and phrases like “the most valuable asset of your business is the people”.

My experience after 4 years in senior recruitment is that this is not the case. People are a necessary expense we must entertain to achieve my desired result in my business. Notice the two “my’s”?

My experience is that seldom does senior management fully understand the recruitment process and the fact that if done correctly the new incumbent would positively effect the bottom line of the business. Then, of course, the exact opposite is also true.

A poorly placed individual will not only be unable to perform the function acceptably, but soon be demotivated and influence a section of the workforce to similar feelings. This lost energy will soon influence the workplace. Have you ever walked into a business and “felt” the atmosphere. I cannot explain how this works except that through perception you pick up the attitude in the workplace and react to it.

If you need a valued team mate to assist in developing your business or believe you have the sufficient skills please contact us with either a job specification or your CV.

Abanthu Management Solutions CC

+27 12 997 3930

+27 82 570 3156




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