Barcelona playing soccer in Pretoria

20 06 2007

SoccerAs part of the build up to the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament, the club Barcelona will be playing the SA cup winners, Mamelodi Sundowns. This showdown will take place tonight in the Blue Bulls stadium in the center of Pretoria.This brings about some fascinating thoughts! Firstly, there are no tickets to be had. How can that be as we called within the first hour of booking. Mass tickets must have been sold out of hand before the “official” opening of sales. I believe this is a rather common occurrence and is not too much of a bother except if you are a die hard fan of soccer.My sons are keen soccer enthusiasts and therefore I would have liked to attend the game. These thoughts and desires have drawn me to thinking how far we have advanced in South Africa. A fewe years ago you owuld not easily have found a white going to watch a game of soccer played overwhelmingly by Blacks in the haven of white dominated rugby by the most Afrikaner of all the teams, the Blue Bulls.This is indeed joyous and makes me think that indeed there may be light at the end of that tunnel after all. I believe in the loving and forgiving spirit of mankind and believe the only way we can change is if we get to know those on this planet with us.




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