20 06 2007

KnowledgeIn a recent discussion I was asked what is the one most important detail I need to know about following Jesus or Christianity. This was from an Atheist friend!

This really let me think and as there is limited space on the blog I considered doing this massive work exhausting all arguments about what it is that attracts followers to Him. There is no difference between Christianity and following Jesus by the way…it is just how my friend phrased it as he is still unsure about religion, Christianity and Loving Jesus. There is a difference between religious and loving Jesus! That’s for another discussion.

In distilling my thoughts on the Jesus question I have concluded that it is simply not what you are doing but a reaction to what He has done and therefore yhou react in love.

He has offered you eternal life and complete forgiveness of sin by paying for it even before you could ask!

That’s it! He loves you therefore you respond in love!




One response

20 06 2007

Amen, you should respond in love, and then seek to honor him with the rest of your life. You should endeavor to make it all about him

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