What is Church?

8 06 2007

OneI have recently been invited to an open panel discussion on the topic , “Does the modern day Christian still require teachings and challenges”. I thought what an interesting topic and strange phrasing of the question. It transpired that before we can discuss all these relevant questions we need to define church. Everyone seems to have a view of church.

Since Constantinople we have a specific view of church which has been entrenched by the Catholic movement and then in minimal fashion changed in practice but not structure until recently when the church has also changed it’s structure and in fact tried to revert back to the original roots. Excuse the fact that i have just wafted over 100’s of years and very generally sketched where we are.

We now have what is called “Homechurch”, “Cell Church” , “Organic Church”, “Simple Church” or even “Soul Church”.

These are all movements attempting to get back the original purpose of church as described in Acts 2. There is an intimacy which has been lost where we now have an all knowing individual who stands in an elevated place instructing us how to lead our lives and the tradegy is that we often here how sordid their lives are. This has broken the trust between those leading an those following.

That is the essence of the problem. Those leading and those following. It should be those serving and those seeking.The structure of a superior level and an elevated position is something imposed on us by manipulative church structures. Church should be the people …(where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I) and the people relating in love rather than driven by guilt and social expectation.

I hope in this short piece I could share some of my thoughts but as you know only 350 characters are allowed and I will be following up with thoughts on church.




One response

19 06 2007
Nico Liebenberg

Cell church cannot be classed the same as home church, organic church, etc. A cell church still has its base in organised christianity where the others are fellowships of believers in themselves without a ‘larger’ structure that governs them.

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