What is Church part 2

8 06 2007

2What one seeks for is an intimacy and relationship with one another and with God. That has been sadly missing from a number of churches. Now please note these are generalizations and I am not referring to any one specific church!In your traditional church structure you have someone instructing you and in a general fashion according to the Word. In smaller intimate church movements you get close to someone and can become involved in the life of the individual by physical assistance, emotional support and spiritual backing.

What is meant is that if you have an illness and need the kids picked up from school it is easy for members of your church to assist in a physical way. We have developed work teams where certain skills are used to assist our “family” members by being practical. Where we have a single mother with a leaking roof the men can gather and restore the roof. If there is financial difficulty then the church can cover the cost.

In our “family” we have taken on three young ladies from the rural areas and are housing, feeding and educating them. At present this has been tremendously successful and we have one young lady working in a cookie factory packing cookies and another is at a college studying management principles while the last is employed as a trainee teacher after we have sent her to college.

Besides this, we as a family (church), have also been involved in numerous projects(see “Shiver Relief”, “Vinoh” and “Dindela” in previous writings) in the upliftment and support of those in our circles and even those outside of our circles. That is church!

A conscious decision to love beyond talk in activity, but also with prayer and emotional support.




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