How to get involved with the Ndebele nation- Dindela

21 02 2007

Dindela at duskUpon invitation from King Japhta Mahlangu of the Ndebele people we became involved with the upliftment of the local community of the former Homelands area of Kwandabele in North Eastern South Africa. The Ndebele people are Zulus who fled from the murderous Chaka under the guidance of Tsilikatse and formed three groups of whom the largest is the Northern group around the Polokwane area. These peaceful herders are known for the incredibly beautiful and colourful beadwork and blankets.

After many attempts to establish gardens and various other schemes including a Pasture Management scheme with the assistance of veterinarians from the famous Onderstepoort Vets training University we decided to go back to the drawing board! We had initiated a house painting scheme and candle making but it dawned on us that is what we are trying to do. We asked Pastor Raymond, the lead religious leader of the area, what he wanted and his answer was so simple! Water.

At present they must travel up to 15 Km a day for water and return with the water another 15 Km! All water in the area is contaminated due to the open sewerage system used at present.Raymond and Gawie One of our schemes was to change all open pit toilets to either a French Drain system or some system with containment and cleansing. The cost was hugely prohibitive so we settled for carrying water!

We have in the meanwhile established a well digging project which is in finalization and soon will deliver fresh water on the doorstep of Raymond and the community. Simultaneously we are building a house for Raymond and his new wife Delinah.

There is also a preschool which we re painted and provided with supplies for the kids. Mimi is incredible as she labours in teaching the children to read before they reach school!

NursaryWe invite you to join us in the assistance to a devastated area in supply of goods or even contact us with the idea of joining one of our teams to Dindela where we labour and lift up hearts simply by giving of ourselves. Math and science teachers are especially welcomed:) Any financial considerations can make use of our paypal system. All funds are directly used for Dindela as there are no admin charges or salaries.

Since writing this in February, the borehole has been sunk and with the assistance of a team from Kansas City a new house is being built next to the borehole.

A CPx has been established in Cape Town ( see the All Nations link) and we extend an invitation for you to become involved in a number of ways with the Ndebele people. Contact us!  




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